Thanks From Our Troops


I want to take a moment to talk you and each member of your group for the outstanding support you give me while I was deployed to Kosovo. The packages and notes inside help me get through this. I really don't have a support system back home, my wife and I are not on good terms, in fact I didn't even get a hug or kiss when I got on the plane, and I have had limited contact with her and my four children. So, yes, your group does make a difference for someone in my shoes. I don't know what life has in store for me, but please continue doing a great job supporting those downrange.

We, 2-28 IBCT, of the PA Army National Guard, will be redeploying here in mid-November so I don't need any more items sent. I would need another duffel bag to carry it in. Ha ha.

If you can, please pass onto the ladies at the Presbyterian Church in Monaca and the Rehoboth Lutheran Church in Baden, that I love the mats they made out of plastic bags. I don't know if custom will allow me, but I'm going to try and bring one home. I'm sending a few photo of me, so all those involved know that we do exist and love the support for back home

Joseph S. (Kosovo) - 10/07/2016

Yellow Ribbon Girls,

Just to inform you that I got another box from you. I greatly thank you also on behalf of my colleagues that appreciated all items we received.
Hopefully everything is going well on your side.
Don't worry, here the atmosphere is really serene and we are spending our time in a good manner.
Take care of you

Andrea B. - 09/28/2016


Thank you for the care packages you send our way. My chaplain assistant is about to return to the States. I am unsure if you have my contact info. See below. We are deployed to Kuwait. We arrived 1 AUG. We leave next AUG. Please continue to send us packaged love and care. :-)

Your efforts boost morale and resiliency to help our Soldiers make it one more lap around the track. Thank you!

We have approximately 213 male and 25 female Soldiers..

Shannon P. (Kuwait) - 09/27/2016

Greetings Yellow Ribbon Team,

Glad to hear you are moving things right along and again, we appreciate you support. Just to keep you updated on the current request and needs here for the deployed Sailors, they love the small snacks that they can grab and go/take easily when they are on the move and of course a few small travel sized toiletries as usual. If anyone would like to donate chips, slim jims, beef jerky small package of cookies, (Girl Scout Cookies are awesome, just none with any chocolate of course).

Thank you so much for the support again!

PS- As for any upcoming Holiday items you would like to send, a suggestions would be to send small packages of snacks/candy items that would be great stocking stuffers for us to give to the Sailors here.

Penn W. (USO Dubai) - 08/29/2016