Soldier Stories, Poems, and Songs

Hearts and Minds
Please know that youíre in our hearts & minds
And that we keep each of you there all of the time
Know that without you, we would be lost
We appreciate the sacrifices you make & their often high cost
While you may be missing loved ones, especially this time of year
Remember total strangers also think of you so dear
This isnít about politics or political views
Itís about you & our shared love of country-under the red, white & blue
Whether a flag on a uniform or the ones waving high
Know that when we think of you all, a tear comes to the eye
Our defenders of freedom, many of whom we shall never know
Please take & keep our love & gratitude with you, wherever you go

Jessica D. Comer 10/15/18

I Am Free
I am free because you fought for me
I am free because you served for me
I am free because you sacrificed for me
I am free because you put your life on the line for me
I am free because of you
I am free under the red, white & blue
I am free, thank you.

Jessica D. Comer

They say it loud, wear it proud
American soldiers canít be beat
Worldwide they never admit defeat
Veterans of our Military should always be honored
Like your dad & mine & our Grandfathers
The men & women who serve so selflessly
Giving of themselves so freely
Defending our freedom, one nation under God
Standing up for what we believe in, the most worthy of causes
Donít ever forget what they go through
Protecting our lands in all that they do
Please support them each & every day
And be sure to send a thank you their way

Jessica D. Comer - 10/7/15

Red, White, Blue,
Veterans are protecting me and you.
They are heroes in disguise,
Easily overlooked in our eyes.
But veterans are no stranger,
Without them our country would be in danger.
They are sacrificing their lives for ours,
And are the biggest superstars.
They are courageous and brave,
Fighting for our country and saving the day.
They are the ones who never give in,
Even when it seemed there was no way to win.
Without veterans giving their all,
Our country would soon have it's fall.
So please tip off your hats and give them a hand,
For veterans are the bravest in the land!

Colby Stapleton - 2016

Support our troops, the red, white & blue
To our Country we must be true
They're defending our freedom everyday
With respect, dignity & admiration, they must be paid
I admire their courage & willingness to defend
They took an oath to be there until the end
& in our crazy world, we rely on them each day
Defending our freedom in the utmost way

Jessica D. Comer - 6/17/2016

Your courage is appreciated in many ways
Here's hoping you'll be safe all of your days
Please know our hearts are with you all along your journey
Wishing you the very best with all that you are learning
We're so proud of our American Soldiers keeping us safe
If we could, we'd thank you face to face
Thank you so much for the sacrifices you make
And for our precious freedom that no one else can take

Jessica D. Comer - 9/19/2015

Climb With Me (abbreviated)

The view from the top is better than the bottom and when you don't think you can make the climb
Reach out your hand and grab ahold of mine. Don't carry those burdens alone
Share them with your friend. Throw them on my back. We'll make that climb together
'Cause the view from teh top is better than the bottom. Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah

The boss man says we don't need you around here anymore
20 hard years gave to the company and they just shove you out the door
You got those bills and a family to raise. The mountain's so steep it puts you in a daze
But don't give up or hang your head. Stick with me and we'll get through it instead. 'Cause


All Rights Reserved - Copyright - Bradley A. Farster - 08/23/2016

The Battle

The guns of war are silent now;
Their cold, blue steel at rest.
The soldierís rage now goes unfueled.
Itís all a memory, we passed the test.

The battlefield where we once fought;
Is now a farm amongst the wood.
Into a plowshare, from a sword;
The course of history is changed for good.

The result of our warrior ways
Is the glory of our finest hour.
To show the world our solemn oath,
We showed the world our awesome power.

So many could live, the few had to die.
Their blood is mixed into the ground.
Weíll never forget their memory,
They were not left on the battleground.

Our childrenís children will hear the tales;
Of our fierce resolve, of our solemn vow
They will feel the pride for years,
That we soldiers feel right now.

SSG Shawn Magee
Jan, 2004
Kirkush, Iraq

The Military Wife

Thereís never a medal, given in this life.
For the sacrifice she made, the military wife.
From early in the morning, till way late at night
She waits and she worries, for her Armored Knight.
Will he arrive, is he injured or worse?
Itís her torment, her hell, her trial, her curse.

It takes a special woman to endure all the pain.
Of loving a boy, a soldier, arms empty again.
She endures the hardship the best that she can.
Praying to God ďPlease return to me that man.Ē
While he goes out for glory, for medals of gold.
She tends the flock, keeps steady the fold.

She suffers in silence, never complains or whines,
As he once again lays his life on the line.
One who hasnít been there, wouldn't understand this life,
Of the real hero, the real martyr, the military wife.

Shawn Magee
September, 2003

A Tankers Prayer

Our Father who art in Heaven Bless us as we go through these roads of Peril. That we may deliver the materials to those who wish to destroy evil. May your white light always shine on us, so that it will deflect the RPGís and Bullets, that the insurgents wishing to kill us may fail in their efforts, and if you decide to call us home please let us die swift and fast and forgive us of our sins,

H.L. KBR Iraq

My Foxhole

This is the view from my foxhole. No matter how the media spins it, our presence here gives the Iraqi people the best chance they have had in the past 35 years. The Iraqis I work with every day all agree that Iraqi is better today than before the war. They all agree that the US should stay. They all love US soldiers. They are not representative of EVERY Iraqi, but they probably represent the educated Iraqis who understand what is going on in their country. Everywhere I go (Christian churches, markets, Ministries, homes, neighborhoods) I am greeted as a liberator. People come up to me and shake my hand, thanking me for coming and asking me to stay. People tell me stories of persecution and torture and fear and oppression. Christians tell me of their prayers for liberation and salvation and how we are the instruments of God. I am offered food and drink and presents. If I was not married, I could get married many times over! Yes, I carry my weapon everywhere and watch my back for the Muslim radical/ nationalist/ terrorist looking to kill an American today. Yes, I travel almost exclusively during the day, and with a trusted guide and translator. Yes, I watch the MEDEVAC helicopters land day and night at the military hospital across the street, bringing the days casualties from IEDs (improvised explosive devices) and ambushes and mines. Yes, I listen at night to the nightly mortar and rocket attacks on the "Green Zone" where I live and listen to the nightly automatic weapons fire. And yes, I have learned that death is quite random and sudden and indiscriminate and that no one is bullet proof or invulnerable. But I have also learned that my Faith in God is bigger than any fear and any loneliness and any doubt. I have learned that some things are worth dying for, even if that dying has to be done by me or my friends. Like most soldiers, I thought I was coming here to fight the Iraqi people. I found that I came here to liberate the Iraqi people. We staged out of Kuwait and, like most deployed soldiers, we have found the Iraqis to be better people than the Kuwaitis. More hardworking and friendlier. We have a long way to go, but we are doing the right thing here. We can't afford to do this everywhere, and for that we are criticized. We are here for whatever reasons...I'm sure I will never know most of them. But it is also true that every country would be better off if we could come there and give them a chance to live lives free of tyranny and oppression. Of course, Louisiana would be better off if we went there and built roads and renovated schools. I don't make those big decisions. I'm just glad to be here, as a soldier, doing my part. I'm glad to be here, as a Christian, doing my part. I'm ready to go home, but I will miss this mission and these people. I pray I can come back here in the future to see a free, thriving Iraq. That would make the sacrifices easier to take. However, even if we fail, it will have been worth the effort and sacrifice. The Iraqi people have much more to lose than we do. I pray we succeed, for their sake. May God Bless You All!! Love your friends and families. Enjoy your lives. Study hard and pray hard and decide now where you want to spend eternity.

Richard T. Phillips LTC, MS Deputy G-3, 30th Medical Brigade.